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"Strange as it may seem, I still hope for the best, even though the best, like an interesting piece of mail, so rarely arrives."
-Lemony Snicket (via idk-camilla)
"i kind of hate you a little bit,
but not as much as i would have
if i’d loved you before
so many things happen in a year
i grow ugly
i grow sad
i grow happy
sometimes, i bloom
but none of my petals hold your
name and i don’t want
to kiss your mouth
at all
this isn’t about me
this is about self
about how all the dreams
of you turned to ash
and other things i don’t
want to inhale
fire, only lesser
you don’t burn me anymore
and i no longer think about
your eyes in the dark
because so many things happen
in a year and me changing
is one of them
shedding skin and
evolving minds and
other things that mean
that i don’t like your heart
i used to think you were
a tidal wave, but
all you are is the
rain in the
winter that i
don’t fucking
-k. mkhonza, “rain in the winter” (via perfect)


(via 35summers)
"It’s just so strange. You used to love me, and now you’re a stranger who happens to know all of my secrets."
-Clementine von Radics (via ted—bundy)


*dips your opinion in salsa and eats it*

"If you can see a future without me and that doesn’t break your heart then we’re not doing what I thought we were doing here."
-That 70’s Show (via temperare-te)
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